Paid Parental Leave

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If supporting documentation is not received through the online FMLA Request process (through Self-Service) before the leave begins, paid parental leave cannot be used until the documentation is provided.

Sick or vacation leave may be used and paid parental leave can be retroactively applied once the documentation is complete, at the employee’s request.  If the documentation is not received and you do not have sufficient sick and/or vacation time accrued to cover the leave taken, the time will be considered unpaid leave.  However, once the documentation is complete, paid parental leave may be applied retroactively, at your request. Contact the departmental leave administrator for assistance if leave is to be used retroactively.

Employees are strongly encouraged to submit the online FMLA request as early as possible (at least 30 days in advance) so that documentation and approval are complete before the birth or adoption occurs.

You are responsible for notifying your immediate supervisor or designee at least 30 days before the leave is expected to begin (when possible). For planning purposes, it is very important for you to be in close communication about when the parental leave will be used.

Paid parental leave hours for biweekly paid employees are not added to hours worked in the computation of overtime; instead, the paid parental leave hours will be reduced so that the hours worked plus paid parental leave do not exceed 40 hours per work week. Any unused paid parental leave hours from such a reduction will remain available for the employee to use in another week.

In the unfortunate scenario of a stillbirth or loss of the child following delivery, either parent will qualify for paid parental leave for recovery from the loss within six weeks of the event.