Paid Parental Leave

Tools and Resources


Employees are strongly encouraged to submit the online FMLA request as early as possible (at least 30 days in advance) so that documentation and approval are complete before the birth or adoption occurs.

You are responsible for notifying your immediate supervisor or designee at least 30 days before the leave is expected to begin (when possible). For planning purposes, it is very important for you to be in close communication about when the parental leave will be used.

Using paid parental leave is a two-step process:

Step 1 - Applying for the Leave Benefit:

Before you can use paid parental leave, you must apply for the benefit. You will be required to provide evidence of birth or adoption. Eligibility for paid parental leave is managed through the online FMLA Leave Request located in Self-Service, even if leave is planned to be taken outside the FMLA period.

To apply for paid parental leave:

Once the documentation has been accepted and verified, and after the date of birth or adoption, you will be able to use paid parental leave.

Step 2 - Tracking Leave Days: