Celebrating Milestones

Emory University celebrates more than 130 staff members for achieving service award milestones in 2022 -- those reaching 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service.

Upon reaching their milestones, some of this year's honorees reflect on their own unique journeys.

Celebrating 35 Years

Rebecca Bush Correll, Financial Analyst, School of Medicine

"When I started in 1987, we were recording accounting transactions with pen and paper, typing purchase requisitions, and using carbon paper to create five copies of a grant to send for submissions. Typewriters, handwritten memo's, typed financial reports, duplicating machines and file cabinets were just a few items familiar in any office. Computers have now replaced these items--amazing!!"

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Rebecca Bush Correll

Celebrating 30 Years

Arnita Howard, Senior Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, School of Nursing

"My favorite memories are of the numerous humanitarian efforts championed by faculty, staff, and students in all the divisions that I had the good fortune to serve. One of my favorite memories was my work with the Atlanta Project (a project of the Carter Center) where we canvassed neighborhoods in metro Atlanta, door to door, in search of children under the age of two that had not been vaccinated. In many cases, the living conditions of those we encountered were subpar, but there was something special and heartwarming about their reaction to knowing that someone in their community cared about the well-being of their children."

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Arnita Howard

Bridget Guernsey Riordan

"Watching Emory students grow and develop has been so rewarding and fun. I feel so fortunate to have made so many valued friends through the relationships with colleagues, students and alumni."

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Bridget Guernsey Riordan

Sandra C. Smith, Supervisor, Research Project Coordinator, Rollins School of Public Health

"I feel very fortunate that my tenure at Emory has been with the Rollins School of Public Health. To see first-hand how these brilliant minds are shaped to serve the public’s health is encouraging for our future. And to see the faculty and staff work with commitment and compassion toward the outcome is truly rewarding."

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Sandra Smith

Kent Tolleson, Associate Director of Finance, Health Policy & Management, Rollins School of Public Health

“In my 30 years at Emory University, I have held different positions and had many different supervisors, but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every last job and boss that I’ve had. My journey isn’t complete, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Retirement here I come.”

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Kent Tolleson

Celebrating 25 Years

Cheryl Bowie, Pre-Award Analyst III, School of Medicine

“I've been intentional about taking advantage of everything this academic employment had to offer, from our great benefits to our annual celebrations to the cultural experiences. I’ve worked in many areas of society: county, city, state, and federal government, as well as private industry. I can honestly say that my career at Emory has been the most rewarding hands down!”

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Cheryl Bowie

Julie Darby, Academic Department Administrator, Sr., Emory College

"Emory has been good to me--managers have listened to my views, they have promoted me, they have supported me. Emory has always been flexible with time needed for children, and for me, the need to go home to England. During the 18 months I was gone from Emory, I was happy with the other job, I had just received an excellent review with a big pay raise, but when the call came to return to Emory, I didn't even think about it and put in my notice that day. Emory is my place and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. I'm proud to work for Emory!"

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Julie Darby

Tanisha Hill, Senior IT Manager, Goizueta Business School

"I hope that Emory continues the diversity and inclusion initiatives that have brought innovative ideas and many talented faculty, staff, student and partners to our campus."

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Tanisha Hill

Wayne Morse Jr., Co-Director, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, Office of Information Technology

"I've been lucky and blessed to work in a very dynamic part of Emory that I feel has made positive impacts on faculty, staff, and students. Through my work I've always stressed the ideas of outreach, accessibility, and public engagement. My deepest thanks to everyone for giving me this opportunity and supporting me in this work."

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Wayne Morse

Alan Pogue, Director, Operations, Facilities, and Events Management, Goizueta Business School

"I have spent my entire Emory career at the Goizueta Business School. I started out doing AV/Video Production/IT work, and then moved into facilities, and most recently started an events management team."

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Alan Pogue

Felicitas Rebeca Quintana, Program Manager, Master's in Development Practice Program, Laney Graduate School

"My favorite memories include becoming a more educated recycler; being on the Emory Libraries Staff Council; putting on two Latin American Caribbean Studies exhibits at Emory Libraries; and, participating in the Transforming Community Initiative."

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Felicitas Rebeca Quintana

Nina H. Vestal, Senior House Manager, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

"There are a number of things I miss from "back in the day", but most significant is the President's Commissions. I had the honor to serve on several commissions during my time at Emory, which allowed me to collaborate with leaders from across the university."

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Nina Vestal

Kechia Williams, Recycling Specialist, Campus Services

"My mom brought me to Emory as a child to visit her at work and then I started to work here when I was 25 years old. When I started, I had just had my first child and now my daughter just turned 25 and has her own little one!"

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Kechia Williams,