Health and Occupational Management at Emory (HOME) is a web-based tool/portal that allows you to easily manage your occupational health requirements, report work-related injuries and make appointments.

About HOME

With HOME, you can:

  • Report a work-related injury, illness or exposure
  • Make appointments with Emory Healthcare’s Employee Health Services, for those required to have certain health tests
  • Make appointments for the Express Care Clinic
  • Complete vaccine consents and questionnaires, for those required to have vaccines
  • View and print your medical information, including immunization records

Supervisors/Managers can:

  • Monitor the work status of an employee's work-related injury or illness
  • Communicate with Emory Healthcare's Employee Health Services and the Office of Occupational Injury Management
  • Assign health surveillance needs for employees in risk areas
  • View compliance with employee health requirements

How to Access

HOME is accessed through Self-Service. After logging in, click on Workplace Health.