Emory Employee-Student Job Network

With the Emory Employee-Student Job Network, you can hire Emory students on a part-time basis to help you with work-life responsibilities such as babysitting, pet care, house sitting, lawn care, etc.

About the Network

The Emory Employee-Student Job Network is a joint collaboration between Emory Work Life and the Emory University Career Center.

The network uses Handshake, an app, to allow you to post part-time jobs and locate Emory students to hire. To gain access to Handshake, you will need an Emory-affiliated email address and network identification (Emory NetID and Employee ID #). If you don't know your Employee ID number, you can find it in Self-Service/PeopleSoft: After logging in, click Personal Information > Personal Details > Additional Information.

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Resume Books

As an extension of the Employee Student Job Network employees can review a book of resumes from Emory undergraduate students seeking part-time work for childcare and tutoring services. The students are available in person and virtually. Please submit your request for the resume books by contacting the Work Life Department via email at worklife@emory.edu


Use the following tip sheets when looking for and interviewing caregivers:


The Emory Employee-Student Job Network serves only to link Emory employees and Emory students for the convenience of managing work-life responsibilities. Neither Emory University nor the Emory University Career Center screens or recommends students who are available to provide services nor makes any endorsement as to the students’ qualifications. Emory University and the Emory University Career Center only guarantee that candidates are currently registered Emory students. In addition, Emory University makes no representations to Emory students as to the nature of the needed services or the potential employers other than that they are current Emory faculty, staff or students. Hired students are considered employees or contractors of the person requesting the services and not employees or contractors of Emory.

Students and employees acknowledge that, for the benefit of participating in the Employee-Student Job Network, they release, covenant not to sue, and forever discharge Emory and its trustees, officers, and agents of and from any and all claims, losses, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, including but not limited to negligence, unforeseen bodily and personal injuries, damage to property, and the consequences thereof, resulting from participation in, or the services obtained from, the Employee-Student Job Network.