Specialized Research and Support

Have questions? Get answers, help or advice from the trained specialists at WorkPlace Options who will research just about any work-life topic for you.

About WorkPlace Options

Emory has partnered with WorkPlace Options to provide employees with a free service that offers specialized research in a variety of work life areas. With this benefit, you can speak with a professionally trained specialist over the phone to:

  • Research child care solutions for the school year and the summer
  • Get assistance with locating adult care options
  • Find resources for legal and financial issues
  • Get information and research for college planning
  • Get research and resources for just about anything to help you with your daily life

Let WorkPlace Options do the research for you! They are professionally trained experts in these areas.

To speak with a specialist, contact WorkPlace Options at 844-395-4566 or visit them online:

Username: emory
Password: eagle

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