Face Covering Guidelines

Emory University students, faculty, and staff have been active partners in our COVID-19 protocols by promoting a safe campus environment. Your efforts, along with consideration of recent CDC guidance, position the university to update its campus mask guidelines.

Updated Mask Guidance

Beginning May 20, 2021, masks are no longer required when outdoors on campus. Unvaccinated persons are still advised to wear masks outdoors when attending a gathering or where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Mask requirements for certain outdoor gatherings depending on size and density may still be applied by the University. Such details will be shared when applicable.

With the highest risk for COVID-19 transmission occurring in indoor settings, and as we continue vaccinating our campus community, masks are still required at this time, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor public and common spaces on campus – including classrooms, laboratories, shuttles, and other meeting spaces.

Emory will continue monitoring changes in public health guidance and community indicators and will provide further revisions to campus policies and protocols moving forward.

Get Vaccinated

New public health guidance is based on the safety, efficacy, and protection of being fully vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated for COVID-19:

Resuming more normal activities is a positive and encouraging step forward. As Emory transitions and begins lifting restrictions, all campus members are asked to practice the following:

  • Continue to wash your hands regularly
  • Stay at home if you are sick
  • Carry a mask with you at all times should you enter a space or situation where risk of transmission increases – either for you or others present

Be respectful and considerate to everyone as we all learn to navigate these changing guidelines. Individuals may choose to wear masks or maintain distance for reasons besides vaccination status. We are placing greater trust in the larger community and relying on our trust in others adhering to applicable guidelines.

Use of Face Coverings


Some business units at Emory require their employees to wear specific uniforms as part of their daily attire and provide their employees with those uniforms.  The specific rules regarding uniforms are set forth in individual department policies. Where specific uniforms are required, the relevant department or business unit may require their employees to wear specific face coverings with an Emory logo or with a specific pattern or color scheme.  

Personal Face Coverings

For schools and business units where no specific attire is required, those areas may provide employees the opportunity to wear their own face coverings or provide employees with face coverings that have logos, patterns, and color schemes that support their specific mission or initiatives.

In situations in which employees are permitted to wear face coverings of their choosing, employees must nevertheless wear face coverings that are appropriate to a professional setting. 

Guidelines & Resources for Using Face Coverings

Learn more about the different types of masks, how to wear them correctly and how to gently remind others on campus to wear a mask.

View Guidelines for Using Face Coverings