Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I log in to the Exempt Leave Tracking System?

Your department must first be setup to use the system. If you are set up, go to and login with your Emory Netid and password.

  • Can I split time between two leave types on the same day? How do I do it?

Yes. You must submit two leave requests for the same day. Adjust the hours taken on each request to reflect the correct amount of leave taken. Example: 4 hours Holiday, 4 hours Vacation for a total 8 hours.

  • When do I accrue my sick and vacation leave?

Sick and vacation accruals are added on the 1st day of every month for the previous month’s accruals. (i.e. Accruals for January are added February 1st at 12:30AM)

  • How do I fix a mistake on a request?

If the leave hasn't been approved, your manager can deny the day or days. If the leave has been approved, your leave administrator must void one or all the days of a request.

  • Does voiding an elapsed leave request which has deducted time from my balance restore the time deducted automatically?

Yes. When a leave administrator voids elapsed requests, the time deducted is added back automatically.

  • I am a leave administrator. Can I also be a manager's proxy?

Yes. If your manager approves you as their proxy, it is allowed.

  • My accrual rate is changing soon. When will my new accrual rate take effect?

When an employee reaches a Service Anniversary milestone, the higher leave accrual rate will be reflected in the accrual on the first day of the next month. So if my service anniversary were October 2nd, October 14th, October 17th, or October 31st, the higher rate would be effective as of the November 1st leave accrual. If my anniversary actually were the first day of the month then the higher rate should be effective on the accrual that same day.

  • I work a condensed work week. How do I enter a leave request?

You request the days you are scheduled to work. If you worked 4 days at 10 hours per day and normally take Friday off, your leave request would be 10 hours each day Monday through Thursday. This system tracks leave time and should not be used as a calendar.

  • I work a reduced work week. How do I enter leave?

Only request the days you normally work. Adjust your standard hours for each day.

  • Who do I contact with questions?

For questions regarding the Exempt Leave Tracking System, please contact: Peter Buch: 404-727-5222.