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Below is an overview of the HSA Plan.



The HSA Plan, a consumer-driven medical plan with a Health Savings Account, puts you in charge of how your health care dollars are spent.

Features of this plan include:

arrow  The same covered services and network of providers as the POS Plan with a different way to pay and save for health care expenses.

arrow  A Health Savings Account (HSA) with tax advantages, funded in part by Emory. The HSA gives you the flexibility to choose how to spend your health care dollars.

arrow  100% coverage for all preventive care when service is received within the EHN or In-Network.  

arrow  The HSA Plan has deductibles, coinsurance and an out-of-pocket maximum to protect you in the event you have significant medical expenses during the year.



It is important to note that other than preventive care, you pay 100% of all your eligible medical expenses, including prescription drugs, until your annual deductible is met. Once met, the plan provides coverage through co-insurance. You need to carefully consider the balance in your HSA and your ability to meet these financial obligations in the event of an illness, injury or accident.

For a summary of costs and network comparisons, view the 2018 Medical Plan Comparison Chart. For employee contribution rates, see cost.

INCENTIVES: HSA Plan members can earn financial incentives by participating in a variety of wellness or health-related activities. The incentives are a contribution to your HSA. For more information, see incentives.


For information, see prescription drugs