Child Care and Educational Resources During COVID-19

While child care options have been limited since the COVID-19 pandemic began, some centers are now open. There are also resources for in-home care, homeschooling, tutoring and virtual programs.

Please be aware that because the situation is continually changing, some of the centers which are open now may need to close temporarily.

Child Care Options

Support for Remote Learning

Virtual Learning Day Programs (in person programs)

These are places where you can send your kids and they will help facilitate the remote learning.

  • YMCA Atlanta - Y Campus Connection
    Tuition: $39-$44/day
    Hours: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
    Ages: Kindergarten through 6th Grade
  • Intown Gymnastics
    Tuition: $35-$270
    Hours: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm
    Ages: 5-12
  • ICare Learning Hub
    2 locations based on age (both in Kirkwood)
    Tuition: $200 per week
    Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Ages: Pre-K through 5th Grade
    (call for detailed information 678-609-3507)
  • Marcus Jewish Community Center Club J Your Way
    Tuition: $385-$1150/per month (part-time available)
    Hours: 7:15 am - 6:00 pm
    Ages: Kindergarten through 5th Grade
  • Rehoboth Virtual Learning Academy
    Tuition: $35-$180/week (part-time available)
    Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Ages: Kindergarten through 8th Grade
  • Zone of Light
    Tuition: $165-$375/week (part-time available)
    Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Ages: 5-13 years old
  • Turning Sun
    East Lake and Gwinnett Campus
    Tuition: $759-$995
    Hours: 7:50 am - 5:30 pm
    Ages: Kindergarten through 6th Grade
  • Jewish Kid Groups
    Multiple locations: Morningside, Decatur, Sandy Springs
    Tuition: $1475 per month (multi- children discounts available)
    Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
    Ages: 5-11
  • Endeavor School Learning Lab Programs
    5 Metro area locations
    Tuition: $900 per month
    Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm (hours vary pending location)
    Ages: K-8th (ages vary pending location)
  • City of Decatur Schools: Offering cohorts of free learning pods for COD students
    Tuition: Free
    Days available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    Hours: 7:30 am -5:00 pm pending grades
    District Pods are open to:
    • any Pre-K - 12 CSD school-aged student (free)
    • any CSD employees’ non-CSD school-aged children (with an expected fee of $20/week or less).

    You can read more details and submit your request to be considered for a pod here: District Learning Pods. Questions can be directed to

Tutoring Resources
  • Process/Options: Review profiles for tutors in area and contact best fit or post a description of your tutoring need.
  • Cost: Average $16/hour
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Varies based on descriptions and/or requirements
  • How to book time: Review tutor profiles and request services. You can also post a tutoring job opportunity to seek tutors.

Visit Website

  • Process/Options: Work with tutors in a live lesson space including a virtual whiteboard, or chat via text, audio or video. Matches students with tutors who specialize in subject areas requested.
  • Cost: Chat subscriptions starts at $6.95/hour, Video subscription starts at $30/month
  • Qualifications of Tutors: All tutors are individually screened for teaching ability and must have an education background.
  • How to book time: Request a tutor online through the Website.

Visit Chegg Website

Great Power Learning
  • Phone: 844-475-7323.
  • Process/Options: 2:1 tutoring 2 students: 1 tutor. Student gets individualized program but is able to develop independent learning within this model.
  • Cost: Hourly rate $55/hour. Sibling discount and Military discount available
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Provided intense training upon hire.
  • How to book time: Call directly to set up appointment and go through assessment to determine tutor.

Visit Great Power Learning Website

K-12 Tutoring
  • Process/Options: K12 offers live, online tutoring sessions at affordable prices. Extra one-to-one support to master a particular topic. Tutors are available regular school day, evening, and weekends. Sessions are 30 minutes in length.
  • Cost: Introductory trial session price $18. Five-Session Package: $90. Individual Trial Session: $18.
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Certified teachers
  • How to book time: Request a tutor online through the Website.

Visit K-12 Tutoring Website

  • Phone: 844-663-9484.
  • Process/Options: Students will meet with educators, in small groups (5-6 learners). Six-week sessions meet 1 hour/daily remotely. Courses for Grades K-12. 1:5 Teacher to Student Ratio.
  • Cost: Courses priced at roughly $50 per day
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Lead by Professional Educators.
  • How to book time: Request a tutor online through the Website or by phone.

Visit Noodlepros Website

Revolution Prep
  • Phone: 877-738-7737
  • Process/Options: Grade 1st-5th Revolution Math (meets 1x week in a gaming environment) $99/month. Semi-Private tutoring available for groups of 3, select own schedule. Private tutoring (any age, any subject or test prep). Group course for ACT/SAT (8 students). 6th grade and above on demand homework assistance, unlimited use, unlimited subjects. Individual consultation to determine best type of tutoring for student. Tutors communicate with parents weekly to best meet students academic needs.
  • Cost: Group costs $39/hour. Private tutoring starts $99/hour+ pending subject/tutor experience. Test prep $399 to $999 per course. Revolution Prime Homework Help/Live Tutor $99/month.
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Employs full-time faculty instructors.
  • How to book time: Call or email to set up individual consultation.

Visit Revolution Prep Website

  • Process/Options: Post an ad on sitter with requirements.
  • Cost: Employee determines pricing.
  • Qualifications of Tutors Employee determines qualifications.
  • How to book time: Post ad on site.

Visit Sittercity Website
  • Phone: 800-411-1970
  • Process/Options: 1:1 tutori.g. Option to connect to a live tutor immediately or use specific tutor and schedule time. Paper Review option for high school students and above
  • Cost: Depends on needs
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Minimum of bachelor’s degree.
  • How to book time: Book online through Website, create account.

Visit Website

Sprout Education Services & Therapeutic Services
  • Phone: 404-680-8786
  • Process/Options: Local Atlanta provider. 1:1 tutoring through Zoom. Options for special needs and gifted tutors. Customized plans to assist students with their current learning needs. Ability to assist with virtual schooling activities and help with organization and prep for school work.
  • Cost: $50/hour+
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Certified teachers, masters level, gifted teachers on staff and special education teachers on staff.
  • How to book time: Call or email.

Visit Sprout Website

Varsity Tutors
  • Phone: 888-888-0446
  • Process/Options: Consistent Tutoring program (set up with same person). Instant Tutoring program (instant help with an issue, can be for different amounts of time, with different tutors). 24/7 availability. Group Tutoring program. Free Tutoring / Star Tutoring: For Group tutoring only, paid for my Varsity Tutors to serve the community, no sponsorship. Subjects are limited, groups vary in sizes.
  • Cost: Consistent Tutoring and Instant Tutoring $49-$57/per hour. Group Tutoring: $100-$375 per package. Cost depends on grade level, subject, age and amount of hours in package.
  • Qualifications of Tutors: Qualifications depend on subject. Varsity requires previous tutoring experience to be hired. Parent can require customized qualifications for example: x years tutor experience, college student, has a PHD.
  • How to book time: Call into Varsity Tutors or create an online inquiry. Give recommendations on customizable program and pair with tutors.

Visit Varsity Tutors

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as resource only. Emory University does not endorse any of the programs listed.

Additional Resources

School Technology Resources

If you need help in locating technology resources for remote learning this fall (such as assistance in getting electronic devices), view our list of resources by school district.