Tips for Remote Work

If you are new to telecommuting, you may discover that the experience is much different than you thought it would be. The following tips will help you build smart skills and habits to ensure you stay focused, productive and happy as a teleworker.


Establish a workspace

Establish a private workspace where you can work quietly, with fewer interruptions from your household. As a remote worker, it is important for you to eliminate as many distractions as possible and to maintain high levels of customer service.

With schools closed, family distractions are inevitable. Having a conversation with members of your household can help. Posting a "Do Not Disturb" sign in your workspace may also be helpful to let others know you are working. You may also want to put pets in separate rooms. Consider using headphones to block out household noise if it distracts you.

Forward your phone

Be sure you have set up and know how to use a working method to forward your office phone. As a best practice, you should avoid having your calls go into voicemail requiring you to return them with a personal phone number. See technology resources.

Use technology & tools

Use Emory's available technology resources to work effectively from home:
  • Set up and know how to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the Emory Network, your network files, and other tools you use regularly.
  • Use Microsoft Teams or Zoom to stay connected, attend meetings, collaborate on projects or instant message/chat with colleagues inside and outside of Emory. Plan to use these technologies for meetings and test them out in advance, easing your comfort with a webcam, microphone and how to be proficient in the new technology.
  • Plan ahead for a video calls/conference calls by making sure you know how to turn on your computer’s camera and microphone. Remember when you are using video that your colleagues may be able to see the background behind you. Also be aware of your household noise. Let members of your household know you will be on a call and remove pets and children from the room whenever possible.
  • Utilize your Outlook Calendaring to help you set, track and share work goals and progress with others.

Be accountable

Demonstrate accountability and strong communication with your supervisor and colleagues. Check in regularly to provide updates so they know what you are working on.

TIP! Schedule a weekly meeting with your supervisor or discuss submitting a weekly report to your supervisor to keep them abreast to work status.

Stay connected

Stay connected with your colleagues. This helps you keep others aware of your work status, maintains your levels of engagement, and helps you avoid feelings of isolation.

You should feel confident about calling or messaging a colleague who is teleworking anytime during the work day just as you would walk to their office or call them if you were working on campus.

TIP! Try scheduling a virtual lunch or coffee with your colleagues using Teams or Zoom.

Maintain regular work habits

Establish a routine and get ready for work like you would if you were going into the office. While casual dress is a bonus for those who telecommute, staying in your pajamas all day can make it hard to get into a work mode. If you get yourself dressed and ready for work as a daily ritual, you will find it beneficial to your productivity. Plus, you'll be ready for that last minute video meeting that gets put on your calendar!