HR Rep Certification

Emory’s community of HR Reps provides facilitation and support for employment functions and processes at all levels throughout the university. The HR Rep Certification Program is designed for current and aspiring HR Reps who wish to develop core competencies in Human Resources administration.

About the Program

The program has three levels. The descriptions below are based on typical responsibilities performed by HR Reps within these levels and are not considered all-inclusive.

  1. Transactional (Level I): Human resources compliance monitoring, tracking and record keeping, transaction processing, general knowledge and coordination of HR functions; may respond to inquiries and advise on university processes; provides human resources services to a specified administrative unit.

  2. Practitioner (Level II): Performs complex human resources functions for a large administrative unit; contributes toward developing and establishing HR practices and procedures; advises and consults with managers on employee issues, university policies and practices.

  3. Strategic (Level III): Provides expertise to a major administrative unit in all areas of human resources at the strategic level requiring research and analysis of major HR issues to enhance services; provides advice and consultation to managers on employee and HR issues and university policies and practices; may provide functional oversight of human resources activities.

Admissions Process

The HR Rep Certification Program is a rolling admissions program - you can apply at any time.

You can either be nominated by someone else or you can nominate yourself. To begin the process, complete the HR Rep Certificate Admission Application Form. Once admitted, you will track your own progress.

Application Form


Three types of certification are available which correspond to the program levels:

To achieve certification, you will need to complete each of the core courses and a minimum of three electives.

The curriculum includes many existing courses, so it is possible that you may have already completed some of them. Any core and elective courses completed during the past 24 months will be credited toward certification.



Certification is not required for participation in this program. You can enroll in any course offered without seeking certification.

To become certified, you must complete all of the core courses within a level. You may also elect courses in specific areas of concentration tailored to your current duties or as part of your own professional development aspirations.  

Certification will not guarantee a salary increase or promotion. It is intended to provide knowledge and expertise in the HR field and expand your credentials.

Program Cost

The cost of the program will vary among participants.

  • Core courses will range from $0 to $240, depending on whether or not you have taken any of the core courses within the last two years.
  • Electives will range from $0 to $1,150, depending on which courses or program you select.


No. The program is open to all current HR Reps, anyone aspiring to be an HR Rep, or anyone who is interested in acquiring HR skills and knowledge.

No, certification is not required to apply for HR jobs at Emory, however, having the certification would be a great enhancement to your resume.

No, completion of this program will not guarantee a raise or a promotion for you, but it will indicate to others that you have a serious interest in your career as an HR professional. By participating in the program, you will gain a much broader and more coherent knowledge base of human resources administration at Emory.

If you are currently working in a human resources role at Emory and do not know your HR Rep program level, you can view it in the HR Rep Directory.

No. You do not have to complete certification for all three levels, however, before you can become certified at Level II, you must first complete Level I certification. 

If you are an HR Rep who is currently designated at Level III, completion of Level I and II certifications are not required before enrolling in Level III certification. Level III core courses provide an advanced institutional and long range planning perspective appropriate to Level III responsibilities.

No. This program is specifically designed specifically for Emory University employees only and is offered through the Emory HR's Learning and Organizational Development department.