Active Works

Active Works encourages Emory employees to add more movement and activity to their work day.

Are you ready to make the Active Choice? Take the Active Works pledge today and find small ways to increase your movement during the day.

Tips for Individuals

  • Take daily laps around your office floor.
  • Take a brisk walk at lunch.
  • Start and end your work day with some quick, easy desk stretches.
  • Add more activity as you travel to and from work, around Emory or to lunch.
  • Participate in physical activity workplace challenges like the Move More Challenge or start your own challenge on Healthy Emory Connect.
  • Use an activity tracker to track your steps, set personal daily step goals and alert you when its time to move (you can get a Fitbit from Emory).
  • Park your car farther away from your door.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Use the restroom one floor up or down instead of heading for the one closest to you.
  • Try these easy exercises you can do on your own.

Tips for Groups

  • Incorporate activity with your meetings or huddles.
  • Take a group walk or host a walking meeting.
  • Lead group stretches.
  • Block some time for a group workout.
  • Reserve a conference room and play some music.
  • Start a team challenge for a little fun competition.
  • Create a team to participate in a charity walk or run.

Need ideas to incorporate activity in your meeting? Try our Active Meetings Guide. Learn more about the importance of adding more movement through your day using meetings as a start.

Download Active Meetings Guide

Getting Started

Invite us to your next meeting, huddle or activity. We'll show you how Active Works can benefit your group, and you'll be entered into our quarterly giveaway for a new Fitbit.

Contact us at or call 404-712-3775.

You can also view our webinar for getting an Active Works program started in your department:

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Make the Active Choice at Work!

Take the Active Works Pledge to commit to making the active choice instead of the inactive choice! Then, add movement to your workday by doing things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, engaging in a walking meeting, or taking a few laps around your building throughout the day.

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How to make the active choice during your work day.