In-Home Assessments

Get professional, in-home assessments of living situations, reviews of care facilities or help in coordinating the care of your aging loved one.

WorkPlace Options

Through a partnership with WorkPlace Options, Emory offers you access to a senior care manager to help you coordinate the care of an elderly adult. A senior care manager is a social worker or nurse who has been trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide services for the elderly and their families.

This benefit provides up to 4 hours per year at no cost to you. It is available to benefits-eligible employees of Emory University.

Services include

  • In-home assessments - a senior care manager will assess the home and daily activities of an elderly adult and provide a detailed care plan. This service is available nationwide.
  • Facility reviews - a senior care manager will visit and tour selected care facilities to evaluate and report on the environment, care, staffing and overall level of quality.
  • Post-hospitalization assessments - a senior care manager will visit the hospital prior to the care recipient’s discharge to evaluate her/his condition and needs. In many cases, the care manager also will evaluate the home or facility where the care recipient will be going.
  • Ongoing care coordination - a senior care manager will provide a variety of services including coordination of medical services, bill paying, appointment coordination and setting up community services.

To learn more about how you can use this benefit, call WorkPlace Options at 844-395-4566.