Emory provides a voluntary benefit through AFLAC for Hospital, Cancer and Accident insurance. These policies are available at group rates that are lower than those typically available to individual policy holders.


Through AFLAC, you have access to a wide range of policy and rider insurance products. Coverage is portable, so if you leave Emory, you may continue your policy through AFLAC’s direct bill program.

Aflac is a voluntary benefit policy that is paid entirely by the employee. Emory does not subsidize these plans.

Aflac does not replace your medical insurance, but is designed to complement your current medical insurance coverage and short term disability plan.


  • Regular full-time or part-time employees scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week are eligible.
  • Full-time temporary positions on a six-month or longer assignment are eligible.
  • If you elect coverage, your eligible dependents are also eligible for coverage.

Coverage begins on an employee's date of hire. If you are benefits-eligible, you must enroll during your first 31 days of employment with Emory.

How to Enroll

You can sign-up for AFLAC at any time during the year. Enrollment options include:

  • Contact the Call Center at 877-374-6909
  • To schedule a one-on-one and ask questions, call 877-384-3344
  • Contact via email:
  • Enroll online:

Go to the AFLAC Website


For information on cost, call AFLAC at 877-384-3344 (ask for Gloria Camp) or visit the website.

Contact Information

Contact for:

Questions about enrolling in AFLAC or making changes to your coverage throughout the year


Gloria Camp