Workplace Flexibility

Emory supports a variety of flexible work arrangements to increase the agility of our workforce, support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and improve work-life effectiveness. Working flexibly has become the new normal for how work is conducted today. It enables the University to address significant business challenges and it benefits both Emory and our workforce.

Benefits of a Flexible Workplace

Workplace flexibility supports many of the university's strategic initiatives and makes Emory a desirable place to work, helping attract, retain and sustain a diverse, talented and healthy workforce.

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Flexible Work Options

A variety of flexible work options enable you to have greater control over how, where and when your work gets done. Learn what types of flexibility options are available.

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Working Flexibly

Learn what steps you need to take if you want to work flexibly or where to get help if you are managing others who are working flexibly.

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Parameters of Flexible Work

Emory University has established campus-wide parameters for flexible work arrangements.

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Work Arrangement Requests

Many Emory divisions and schools require staff employees to submit their work arrangements using the Work Arrangement Tool.

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Technology Tools & Resources

Learn what technology resources can help you work most effectively.

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Training & Consultation

Training and consultation opportunities are available to help both managers and employees make flexible work arrangements successful.

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Other Resources

View these other resources to learn more about workplace flexibility and related topics.

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Out-of-State Employment

Emory University employees who work outside the state of Georgia are subject to all employment-related laws of the state in which they work. The University Payroll department must be informed in advance of potential work arrangements outside of Georgia.

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