Employee Resource Groups

Join Emory's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to connect with your colleagues and coworkers and make a difference in enhancing our community.

About ERGs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups established around common interests, purpose, and/or characteristics, typically underrepresented identities and their allies. These groups provide opportunities for:

  • networking and social connection;
  • enhancing community, engagement and inclusion; and
  • giving voice to marginalized or underrepresented communities.

Emory University currently has five ERGs:

Emory Black Employee Network

The Emory Black Employee Network (EBEN) aims to provide support and build a community for black employees and their allies.

This group promotes individual and collective growth through various resources and networking opportunities, focusing on areas such as health and wellness, community service, cultural events, social gatherings, engagement, mentorship, and personal and professional development opportunities.

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Emory Latinx Employee Resource Network

The Emory Latinx Employee Resource Network (eLERN) seeks to uplift, support, and amplify the cultural diversity of Latinx employees at Emory University by providing resources for professional development, visibility, and social kinship. eLERN envisions becoming a leader in addressing inclusivity and advocating for the empowerment of Emory's Latinx community's distinct needs. This group is open to all Emory University Latinx employees and all allies. 

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Emory Pride Employee Network

The Emory Pride Employee Network (EPEN) strives to celebrate, support, and recognize the diverse community of LGBTQ+ employees at Emory University by providing resources for educational growth, awareness and advocacy, and social connections. The EPEN envisions becoming a leader in addressing inequities and advocating for its LGBTQ+ community’s diverse needs. This group is open to all Emory LGBTQ+ employees and all allies. 

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Emory Veterans Employee Network

The Emory Veterans Employee Network (EVEN) seeks to promote a sense of belonging by Emory veterans through organization, recognition, networking, and resources. EVEN aims to increase the visibility of Emory’s veterans and Emory’s veteran services and foster a greater appreciation by the Emory community for the service and sacrifice made by veterans and their families to preserve our way of life.

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Emory Asian Pacific Islander Desi Employee Network

The Emory Asian Pacific Islander Desi Employee Network (eAPDEN) is committed to cultivating an uplifting and inclusive work environment by supporting, empowering, and celebrating the rich and diverse backgrounds of Asian and Pacific Islander employees through networking, personal and professional development, social gatherings, community service, cultural events, and mentorship.

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Future ERGs

Emory is hoping to launching one additional employee resource group in the near future for Employees with Disabilities.

If you are interested in helping launch this group, contact Melissa Morgan, Sr. Recognition & Engagement Manager, melissa.morgan@emory.edu.

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