Medical House Staff

Residents and Fellows

FSAP is committed to helping Emory's medical residents and fellows to develop and maintain resilience and well-being throughout their career trajectory and lifespan, starting with the first year of residency training.

Programs and Services

If you are a resident or fellow, FSAP can help you navigate challenges, succeed, and thrive in the medical profession. Core services are aimed at prevention, early identification, and intervention. Services include:

  • behavioral mental health
  • education and outreach
  • team dynamics
  • a specialized well-being program for first-year residents (Well-being Check In)

The FSAP-GME Psychologist is also available to provide targeted well-being support for residents and fellows and consultation services for program leaders.

Online Mental Health Screening (self-assessment)

If you want private, immediate feedback about your personal well-being, you can take a free, confidential online screening. This anonymous screening service provides assessment tools for:

man on computer taking a screening

  • adult and adolescent depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • eating disorders
  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • alcohol abuse

The online screening tool provides immediate, computer-generated, confidential results.

FSAP does not have access to any identifying information or completed assessments.

If you wish to share the results of your self-assessment with your FSAP clinician, be sure to email the results to yourself so that you can forward the information, if needed.

Go to the online self-assessment

FSAP Behavioral Mental Health Services

FSAP offers:

  • Confidential assessments, short-term counseling, as well as consultations for individuals and couples, up to 8 sessions per episode
  • Confidential and no-cost services for house staff and their benefits-eligible family members
  • 24/7 crisis on-call services
  • Community referrals and resources
  • Substance abuse consultation and recovery support
  • Georgia Physician’s Health Program (PHP) liaison
  • Late evening and Saturday hours available by appointment

Services for Individuals

FSAP provides services for individuals who want to speak with a licensed mental health professional about a variety of concerns such as:

  • stress and anxiety
  • grief and loss
  • depression and mood regulation
  • anger/conflict-resolution management
  • alcohol and drug concerns
  • domestic/intimate partner violence
  • caregiver support
  • work-related stress and challenges or work performance concerns
  • dealing with loneliness
  • coping with divorce or relationship concerns

Additional Services for Individuals

Professional Skills Coaching

Professional skills coaching can help you enhance your skills in communication, problem-solving, decision making, time management, or work-life integration.

Targeted coaching

Targeted coaching can help with managing stress, conflict, anger, organizational change, uncertainty, and more.


If you are concerned about a family member or a colleague, or want to learn more about how FSAP can assist you, contact us for an initial consultation with a licensed clinician to discuss your concerns and explore strategies.

Well-being Check In

Schedule an individual consultation to gauge the state of your current emotional health and identify strategies for enhancing resilience. You will complete a brief online screening prior to your appointment. Recommendations and resources will be shared during the consultation meeting. Learn more.

Note: There is also a Well-being Check In specifically for first year residents.

Additional Programs for Individuals

FSAP also offers ongoing programs and services to enhance your well-being and self-care. View our events and programs.

Services for Families

These services can help you and members of your family address concerns related to relationships, parenting and/or caregiving support. Services include:

  • Couples counseling, for relationships and partnerships, and married couples.
  • Family consultations, brief consultations to assess needs and to identify long-term referral resources.
  • Parenting coaching, to assess parental concerns, provide behavior management strategies, and to identify long-term referral resources.
  • Caregiver support, for child and eldercare issues that impact your emotional well-being.

Education & Outreach Services

FSAP provides education and outreach services when requested by your residency program. These services include well-being seminars/workshops, critical incident stress response, listening sessions, and emotional wellness campaigns to help prevent burnout, support your functioning, and build resilience. Seminar topics include:

  • suicide prevention training
  • recognizing and supporting residents in distress
  • stress management
  • sustaining emotional energy
  • time management
  • conflict resolution
  • and more…

We also can develop presentations on specific topics when requested. Contact the FSAP-GME Psychologist at 404-727–WELL or to learn more about FSAP’s Education and Outreach Services.

Physician Coaching

Coaching can help you achieve professional goals, increase work effectiveness and enhance career satisfaction.

Coaching targets common physician professional concerns including work-life integration, communication enhancement, emotional intelligence, leadership development, cultural transitions, and professionalism.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment for any of FSAP's services, call 404-727-WELL (9355) or send us an email.