Talent Management

Talent Management at Emory is the integration of four processes that helps manage the talent of our Emory community. This integrative approach allows for a greater ability to identify and develop future talent, so that as opportunities arise, we can promote more often from within.

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Staff Engagement Survey Results

In spring of 2024, Emory University launched a campus-wide staff engagement survey to help us understand staff perceptions of working at Emory.

To share the results, Human Resources held a Town Hall via Zoom on June 17, 2024. All staff members were invited to attend. To view a recording of the Town Hall and see additional resources, click here (log in required).

Performance Management

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In 2023, Emory University transitioned to a new system, Bullseye Engagement for performance management. This new system is much easier to use, with fewer steps required to complete a review, simpler navigation, and more advanced tools.

Traditional Features:

  • Mid-year review 
  • Annual review

New features

  • Check-in tool for ongoing feedback
  • Large library of additional competencies
  • Results Writer (Manager and Self)
  • Integrated with other talent management processes

Training and Support Resources

Emory offers multiple resources to help you with the FY24 Performance Management process, including training and user guides for navigating the Bullseye Engagement system, and training for understanding the DEI competency.

Click Here to Access (Log In Required)

Learning Management

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Brainier and Open Sesame

Brainier Learning Management System (LMS) is our new training location, replacing Emory Learning Management Systems (ELMS).

Open Sesame is a training content vendor, with eLearning available in different formats on a variety of topics, such as business skills, leadership, compliance, wellness, DEI, and software and web services. Courses from Open Sesame are searchable through Brainier. You can also see the full list of courses by downloading the Open Sesame Course Catalog (in MS Excel). This list will be updated as new courses are added.

A request for access to additional training content from Open Sesame can be submitted here.

NOTE: Open Sesame courses are an optional professional development opportunity; they do not replace required trainings that are currently in ELMS.

Training and Support Resources

Emory offers resources to help you access and use Brainier, the University's new Learning Management System, as well as the free courses available through Open Sesame.

Click Here to Access (Log In Required)

Talent Planning

Talent Planning involves identification of top talent to meet current and future needs for the long term. This process helps departments form a strategy for talent development efforts based on need and priority. It requires evaluating performance and potential and provides the ability to assess retention risk and criticality of roles. 

This process is completed with the guidance of our Talent Management consultants. More details to come.

Questions? Contact talent.management@emory.edu.

Career Navigation

Career Navigation is a way for employees to discover:

  • Types of jobs available across Emory
  • The competency and experience required other jobs at Emory 
  • Development available to “close the gap” between current and aspirational state
  • Tools to create a career development plan, and receive feedback from your manager

This process involves the creation of job profiles which is currently underway. More details to come.

Questions? Contact talent.management@emory.edu.


Performance Management System: 

  • Emory College: April 17, 2023
  • All Users: June 1, 2023

Learning Management System:

  • Professional Development Courses (Open Sesame): May 2, 2023
  • All learning courses: June 2023

You will have access the new systems through PeopleSoft Self Service.  

Performance Management: the previous three years of performance reviews have been imported into the new performance management system.

Learning Management System: Department-level LMS Admins are in the process of selecting active courses to be transferred into the new LMS system.

Performance Management: Yes, the training schedule for the new performance management system has been published (see above).

Learning Management System: The training schedule for the new Learning Management System will be published once finalized.

Contact the Talent Management team at talent.management@emory.edu.  

The Talent Management team is in the process of creating position profiles for job titles across the organization. Once this process is complete, we can then begin communicating next steps. This will most likely begin in FY24.

You can request additional Open Sesame courses to be added to the Learning Management system by completing the request form located HERE.

Additional Questions?

Contact the Talent Management team at talent.management@emory.edu.

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