Setting Goals and Reviewing Results

Learn how to use effective (SMART) goals to help you and your employees track progress and fairly evaluate outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Ensure direct reports take a more active role in managing their performance
  • Manage performance on an ongoing basis while working within the organization’s time parameters for goal setting and performance reviews
  • Provide the ongoing coaching and feedback your direct reports need to achieve their goals
  • Increase your direct reports’ confidence and commitment to their own success


  • Aligning Performance for Success

Course Content

Shared Ownership: Share with a partner the insights you gained about yourself in your self-assessment when it comes to performance management. Facilitator introduces a performance cycle, roles and responsibilities and the recommended discussions throughout the performance cycle.

SMART Performance Goals: SMART goals are introduced. A video-based activity has learners identifying what can go wrong when goals are not SMART and how to avoid these situations. You will practice writing SMART goals and then review and critique with your partner.

The Interaction Essentials and Performance Discussions: The group discusses the importance of personal and practical needs when setting goals and reviewing results. Facilitator reviews the Interaction Essentials which is followed by an activity in which learners identify which key principles and interaction guidelines are most helpful in each type of discussion. Discussion Planner and Discussion Outline are introduced.

Setting Goals Skill Practice: Facilitator explains the skill practice process with two roles – leader and direct report. You will use a prepared skill practice to practice a challenging setting goals discussion with a partner.

Gathering Data: Two types of performance data, behavioral and operational, are introduced. Facilitator reviews the STAR format as a way of gathering behavioral data. A case study is used for you to analyze performance data and track the progress of a direct report.

Reviewing Results Skill Practice: The case study continues in a positive model video of a leader using the Interaction Essentials and performance data in a performance review discussion. Participate in a challenging reviewing results skill practice.

Resources: You will receive a resource kit for both you and your direct reports to use back on the job.

Who should take this course?

  • Do you struggle with the “human side” of the performance management process?
  • Do you fail to achieve the purpose of expectations discussions—understanding, alignment and agreement?
  • Are you providing the feedback and support employees need to meet their objectives?
  • Do you spend too much time coaching for improvement because people aren’t committed to their performance plans?

Course Information

Target audience: Frontline leaders through mid-level managers

Course format: Classroom

Course length: 4 Hours

Cost: $75 per participant for materials

Course is required for: Coaching & Feedback Track

Prerequisites: Feedback Essentials

Related Courses:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Coaching for Success

Pre-Work Required? Yes