Open Sesame

Available through Brainier, Emory's new Learning Management System, Open Sesame is a free, training content vendor with eLearning available on a variety of topics. Learn how to access Open Sesame Courses.

About Open Sesame

Open Sesame provides free, online courses on topics such as business skills, leadership, compliance, wellness, diversity and inclusion, and software and web services. Courses from Open Sesame are searchable through Brainier. 

You can also see the full list of courses by downloading the Open Sesame Course Catalog (downloads in MS Excel). This list will be updated as new courses are added. 

If there is additional training content you'd like to see from Open Sesame, submit a request

NOTE: Open Sesame courses are an optional professional development opportunity. They do not replace required trainings in Brainier. 

Accessing Open Sesame Courses

Here's how you can access Open Sesame courses:

  1. Log into PeopleSoft/Self-Service and select the Learning Management tile
  2. Next, click on the Learning Management-Brainier tile
  3. Search "Open Sesame" to browse available Courses, or search for the specific course name

Open Sesame Support

Emory's Learning and Organizational Development team has developed a User Guide and Training video. 

Access the Guide and Video (login required)