Organizational Engagement

The engaged employee is one that is excited and fully committed to positively affect Emory’s reputation and results. The engaged relationship improves customer service, productivity, as well as workplace climate and morale.

Audience and costs

Audience and costs (where appropriate) associated with each depend on the nature and scope of the project. A proposal is offered after initial consultation for each request.

Focus Groups, interviews, surveys, SWOT

Interventions help identify and take assessment to a deeper level in order to get an understanding of key issues and opportunities. Post-analysis is completed along with a plan of action on how to develop and integrate team or organizational improvements.

Organizational Assessment

Completing an organizational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance. A summary of results are provided to the sponsor to determine next steps to address or leverage outcomes.

Employee Engagement

A full employee engagement process focuses on the relationship between the employee and the organization by conducting surveys, feedback, focus groups and development planning at a team or organization level. Assessment and analysis is completed to identify perceptions and expectations of the employee. From the data collected, we work with groups to identify how to best engage employees further (e.g., reward and recognition, enhancing work relationships, workplace improvements).