Emory Asian Pacific Islander Desi Employee Network

What is the Emory Asian Pacific Islander Desi Employee Network?

Emory Asian Pacific Islander Desi Employee Network (APDEN) empowers and celebrates Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi employees through diverse programs, building a stronger, more inclusive university community while advocating for API staff and fostering allyship.

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What are eAPDEN's mission and vision?


eAPDEN is committed to cultivating an uplifting and inclusive work environment by supporting, empowering, and celebrating the rich and diverse backgrounds of Asian and Pacific Islander, and Desi employees through networking, personal and professional development, social gatherings, community service, cultural events, and mentorship.


eAPDEN envisions becoming a larger part of the belonging and inclusion efforts at Emory University by advocating for API staff and serving as a forum for discussing relevant issues.

Meet the eAPDEN co-chairs

Amanda Yu Nguyen

Amanda Yu-Nguyen, Director, Center for Healthful Living, Oxford College

Amanda Yu-Nguyen joined Oxford in October 2010 as the college’s health educator and became director in January 2013. She provides leadership for Oxford’s health and wellness center. In her role, she is accountable for the oversight and coordination of the components of the Center for Healthful Living, which include credit-bearing courses, health education and promotion, facilities management, intercollegiate athletics, intramural athletics, and recreational activities. The Center for Healthful Living strives to educate the mind and exercise the body in the context of a liberal arts institution.

Megan Yang

Megan Yang, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Megan Yang joined Emory’s Advancement and Alumni Engagement (AAE) division in July 2022 after graduating from Emory in May 2022 with a bachelor’s in psychology and film & media studies. In her role, she composes emails for general and departmental audiences, plans board meetings, alumni receptions, and manages the team’s swag inventory. While attending Emory, Megan previously worked with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Digital Ambassador and with Emory College Communications as a Social Media Fellow.

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