Form I-9 and E-Verify

To verify employment eligibility, all Emory University new hires must complete Form I-9 and go through the E-verify process.

Form I-9

As required by federal law, Emory University is required to complete and retain a Form I-9 for all regular and temporary employees. Completion of Form I-9 is a shared responsibility of both the employee and the university:

  • Section 1 must be completed by the new employee no later than their first day of employment. This is done using the online orientation program.
  • Section 2 must be completed by an authorized university representative (hiring manager or HR Rep) on or before the employee's third day of employment. In order to complete Section 2, employees are required to present documentation confirming their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. View list of acceptable documentation. Completion of Section 2 is done through the Equifax I-9 Management system.

Remote I-9 Processing & Alternative Procedure

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers an alternative procedure to the in-person physical document examination when completing the Form I-9.

The alternative procedure is only to be used to complete the Form I-9 for hires and rehires that are working 100% remotely.

Documents are to be physically presented in person when completing the Form I-9 for employees who will work on-campus & off-campus.

Please contact Data Services for more information.

For more information about Form I-9, refer to the Employment Eligibility Verification Policy:

View Employment Eligibility Verification Policy


Emory University is required to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to confirm the identity and work eligibility of all faculty and staff (including temporary staff members), regardless of citizenship.

E-Verify is operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). E-Verify uses federal databases to rapidly validate individual identities and work eligibility from the information gathered in the Form I-9.

Information verified through E-Verify includes:

  • Employee Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship Status attested to on Form I-9
  • Alien # or I-94 # (if applicable)
  • Document Type(s) submitted for Form I-9
  • Proof of identity and expiration date (if applicable)