Employment Verification

Employment and income verification may be required when applying for a mortgage or loan, leasing an apartment, obtaining reference checks, establishing credit, or other instances where proof of employment or income is needed.

Verification Process

There are three ways employment information can be verified:

  1. Automated System
  2. Telephone Verification
  3. Written Verification

1 - Automated System

Third party organizations that need to verify the employment of a former Emory University employee are required to use The Work Number, an automated external employment verification service.

Current Emory employees are also strongly encouraged to use this convenient, secure and automated service.

How it works

No written authorization is required for this process. Third party verifiers need to visit The Work Number website or call one of the numbers below to verify employee information:

Employment Verification Automated System
Verification TypeInformation to ProvideTelephone Number

Emory University
Employer Code: 11332

Employee's Social Security Number


800-424-0253 (TTY)

(includes employment)

Emory University
Employer Code: 11332

Employee's Social Security Number

Salary Key* (provided by employee)


800-424-0253 (TTY)

Social Services
(includes employment and income)

Emory University
Employer Code: 11332

Employee's Social Security Number

Registered Users:

800-424-0253 (TTY)

* A Salary Key is a personal code that can be entered to receive salary information. This allows the employee/former employee to have control over third party access to salary information. Employees/former employees can call 800-367-2884, or refer to the Guide to Using The Work Number to obtain a Salary Key.

How to request automated verification for yourself

Employees and former employees can use the automated process to receive verification information for themselves.

  1. Go to The Work Number website
  2. Click I’m an Employee
  3. Click Enter Site
  4. Click Get Your Employment Data Report
  5. Click Employment Data Report Request Form
  6. Print the form and fill in the requested information
  7. Mail or fax the form using the contact information on the form

2 -Telephone Verification

A third party verifying organization can call the HR Data Services Department at 404-727-6066 to verify information about an employee. Only the following information is verified:

  • Employee name
  • Dates of employment
  • Current or last position held
  • Salary

Written authorization is not required.

3 - Written Verification

If the automated system or telephone verification methods do not provide you with the information you need, on a case-by-case basis, current employees may submit an Employment Verification Authorization Form to the HR Data Services Department for completion.

Another option is to have the third party verifier fax their request form to HR Data Services at 404-727-4008. This request must include an employee signature authorizing release of information. For faxed requests, please allow sufficient time for processing.

Information provided

The following information is released in writing only if authorized by a current employee:

Employment Verification Written Verification
Employment Reference Inquiries:Lending Institution Inquires:
Employment DatesEmployment Dates
Current or last position heldCurrent or last position held
Current or last status held (regular full-time, temporary part-time)Base hourly or monthly rate of pay
Average number of hours worked per weekAverage number of hours worked per week
Current or last rate of payYear-to-date gross earnings
Prior calendar year gross earnings

4 - Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Form

The Data Services department completes the PSLF Form for current and former employees of Emory University only.

**Current and former employees of Emory Healthcare employees should contact ehc.hr.pslf@emoryhealthcare.org for assistance.

Paper PSLF Form Completion

Current/former employee of Emory University sends page 1 (completed & signed) and page 2 to Data Services, HR-EU_DATASERVICES@EMORY.EDU

**An unsigned page 1 will be returned to the current/former employee for signature.

Data Services will complete page 2 per the current/former employee’s information on record. The completed PSLF form will be returned to the current/former employee.

PSLF Form DocuSign Request

A DocuSign request for a current/former employee of Emory University is to be sent to Data Services, HR-EU_DATASERVICES@EMORY.EDU

Data Services will review and sign page 2 per the current/former employee’s information on record. 

Forms requiring corrections will be declined.  Data Services will notify the current/former employee providing the reason for declining to sign and requesting a corrected form be re-submitted to Data Services.

Employees are responsible for authorizing the release of their information to verifying organizations.

All requests for information about current or past employees are provided by HR Data Services or its authorized agents, such as The Work Number.

Campus Departments are not authorized to release any employee information to individuals or agencies outside of Emory. Employees are also prohibited from releasing employment or income verification information. This policy is designed to protect Emory University and employees from any potential liability. Employment Verifications are the responsibility of HR Data Services and/or our authorized, secure, preferred vendor for automation of these services, The Work Number.

It is Emory's policy to protect the confidentiality of information concerning current and past employees and to release only designated types of information under limited circumstances.