Celebrate Others

At Emory University, our people make us special. Whether it's day-to-day accomplishments, above-and-beyond results, or a special life event such as a birthday, we recognize, honor, and celebrate the faculty and staff who are part of Emory!

It's easy for faculty and staff to recognize and celebrate others. You can show your gratitude and appreciation to your Emory colleagues by sending an ecard with our recognition platform, Celebrate Others! powered by OC Tanner.

Sending an ecard

A personal note can go a long way in lifting someone's spirits. Take time to celebrate others for things big or small, work-related or not:

  • Thank someone for a job well done on a project
  • Give appreciation to someone who is always a great listener
  • Wish a colleague happy birthday or congratulate them on a life event
  • Welcome someone to the team
  • Say thanks to the person who keeps the department laughing

How to Use It

Cards can be sent to any university employee you choose -- supervisors, peers, or your work bestie! And, there are cards for many different occasions and events!

Step 1: Login to Emory’s recognition platform here.

Step 2: Go to the “Appreciate” button in the upper right-hand corner to send your card(s) to any university faculty or staff. For assistance, view our user guide here.

Step 3: Use this platform on a regular basis, by accessing via Teams, Outlook, or mobile app.

Learn More

You are encouraged to use the Celebrate Others! platform throughout the year. Learn more about sending cards via desktop, mobile app, Outlook, or Teams in our eCards user guide.

Need help?

Contact Melissa Ragan, Associate Director, Communications & Engagement, melissa.ragan@emory.edu