COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave

Emory offers up to 3 weeks of COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave for those who are unable to work on campus or from home because of illness due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave

Emory provides benefits-eligible staff members up to three (3) weeks of COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave. This leave can be used if you test positive for COVID-19 and need to quarantine or isolate.

As of January 2024, this policy no longer allows COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave to be used for a family member. If you need to stay home with a family member due to COVID-19, you must use sick leave.

Requesting Leave

Please notify your manager or HR leader as soon as possible of your need for using COVID-19 leave.

You must also submit documentation to your supervisor and HR leader. This may include:

  • Documentation from a medical provider or approved medical facility
  • Proof of a positive result on an at-home test

Once approved, COVID-19 Emory Paid Leave is entered into the leave tracking system for biweekly and exempt employees.

Supervisors/HR leaders should work with their Employee Relations Director to ensure that each request is properly vetted if there are questions.


Depending on the reason(s) for and duration of the leave, FMLA may run concurrently with the COVID-19 Emory-Paid Leave. If FMLA leave is applicable, you will need to adhere to steps and procedures described under the FMLA Policy (Policy 4.73).

You should submit your request for leave to your supervisor. Supervisors are encouraged to review and support employees during this time.