Ergonomic Assistance

Using proper ergonomics at your work station will decrease your risk of developing symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort or pain which can lead to other, more serious health problems. If you notice that you are feeling physical discomfort while working, we offer the following services to help you.

Individual Work Station Evaluation

A member of our health and wellness team can come to your individual work station and make recommendations for changes. The evaluation session take about one hour and may include:

  • Onsite evaluation of your work station setup
  • Observation of your body mechanics
  • Onsite recommendations for maintenance or changes to your work station or body mechanics
  • Written preparation of results and proposed ergonomic interventions
  • Referral to appropriate office for assistance, if necessary

All equipment purchasing decisions are made by individual departments.

Evaluations are offered to Emory departments for a fee of $125 and must be requested by an employee’s manager or supervisor. Prior to any onsite evaluation, your manager or supervisor will need to complete and return a Request for Ergonomic Evaluation Form to Emory Health and Wellness:

Request for Ergonomic Evaluation Form

Group Workshop

Our health and wellness staff can also come to your department to provide a general ergonomic workshop in a group setting.

This interactive, 45-minute workshop covers common ergonomic problems, suggested body mechanic modifications and practical strategies for improving work stations.

Workshops are provided to departments free of charge but must be requested by a manager:

Request Workshop