Healthy Emory

The Healthy Emory initiative was established in 2013 to develop an inclusive approach to health promotion, well-being, recreation, fitness and healthy living across Emory. The goal is to create easy access to programs and services for employees, their families, students and the community that Emory serves.

The Healthy Emory Vision

Healthy Emory envisions a community that is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of well-being, using its expertise in research, health care and higher education to engage, inspire and support each individual to live healthy and flourish.

Healthy Emory has three primary focus areas:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Healthy eating and weight
  3. Stress and emotional health
Healthy Emory vision graphic

Download the Healthy Emory Vision Placemat (PDF)

To help further Healthy Emory's vision and goals, Emory's health and wellness team develops a wide variety of programs and resources in the three focus areas. In a 2018 update to the Healthy Emory strategic plan, diabetes prevention and sleep education were added as two additional focus areas.

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5-Year Impact Report

Since Healthy Emory’s beginnings, the impact on Emory’s culture is visible across the university and the healthcare system. It includes offering exercise & yoga classes during lunch and after work; providing healthier food options in our dining facilities and vending machines; and creating spaces that help to reduce stress. It is the philosophy that health & wellbeing encompasses the whole person and the understanding that many factors affect our quality of life at work and at home.

In January 2020, Healthy Emory published its 5-Year Impact Report.

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The following are some of the awards that Emory has received for its health and wellbeing initiatives.

CompPsych Gold Health at Work Award

Emory University and Emory Healthcare received a Gold Health at Work Award in 2019. The award honors organizations that support employees with exceptional wellness and wellbeing programs.

Atlanta’s Healthiest Employer Award

Emory University and Emory Healthcare received a semi-finalist award for extra-large employers in 2019.

Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award

Emory University and Emory Healthcare earned the Edington Next Practice Award in Operational Leadership in 2016. The Edington Next Practice Award recognizes organizations that are actively engaged in the pursuit of a healthy, high-performing workplace and workforce. Nominees were considered in each of five core pillars: Senior Leadership, Operational Leadership, Self-Leadership, Recognition and Rewards and Quality Assurance.