Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco is hard ─ but it’s not impossible! Emory offers resources for employees, spouses, and anyone trying to stop using tobacco for good.

For Emory Employees and Spouses

These following resources are provided at no cost for Emory employees and their spouses:

Quit for Life Program

Quit for Life is a personalized 12-month program with telephonic counseling sessions, an 8-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (patch or gum), unlimited online support, and coaching support for Emory's Tier Zero medications. 

Call 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE or enroll online.

Learn more about the Quit for Life Program.

Healthy Emory Connect

Health Emory Connect (Sharecare) provides videos and articles about staying tobacco-free. Log into Healthy Emory Connect (Sharecare) and search “tobacco” for tips and recommendations for quitting smoking.

CVS Minute Clinic START TO STOP smoking cessation program

Nurse practitioners at CVS Minute Clinics deliver the START TO STOP program, which includes ongoing coaching support and nicotine replacement recommendations or prescriptions. Learn more about the START TO STOP smoking cessation program.

Aetna Tier Zero Medications

Aetna members can get 100% of the cost of tobacco cessation medications covered, including:

  • Nicotrol NS (nasal spray)
  • Nicotrol inhaler
  • Zyban
  • Chantix

Make an appointment with your primary care physician for evaluation and a prescription. You can use the EVIP line to get quicker access to Emory providers by calling 404-778-EVIP.

View the list of Tier Zero drugs.

Kaiser Permanente Quit Tobacco Programs

A good quit-tobacco program can help you quit by providing support and encouragement. Kaiser Permanente offers programs that are available for you to attend in person, by telephone, or online. Most state health departments can recommend a program in your area. Quit-tobacco programs are also called tobacco cessation programs. Please visit the Kaiser Permanente Emory University or Emory Healthcare microsites for additional details on the programs offered.

For Anyone

Emory also provides resources that are open to anyone wishing to quit using tobacco. Emory does not cover costs associated with these programs, if any.

Freedom from Smoking Program

The American Lung Association offers 2 versions of its Freedom from Smoking Program:

  • Online program: offers limited online support for free or more comprehensive online support for a fee
  • In-person program8-session small group designed to help you avoid common pitfalls associated with quitting smoking in a supportive environment with others who are experiencing the same challenges

If you have questions about the Freedom from Smoking program, contact the American Lung Association of Georgia at 770-434-5864 or visit their website.

The Georgia Tobacco Quit Line

A toll-free telephone-based program implemented statewide, delivering personalized counseling for quitting tobacco. Free nicotine patches and gum are available to all Georgia adults (age 18 and older) when appropriate, regardless of health insurance status or coverage. Call 1-877-270-STOP for services.

Become an Ex

Become an Ex is a free, online program that walks you through a 3-step plan to re-learn your life without cigarettes. Learn more about becoming an Ex.


Smokefree.gov offers online support, tips, tools and expert advice. Includes a smoke free text messages for extra tips, advice, and encouragement. Visit smokefree.gov to access resources.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC's Office on Smoking and Health offers articles, tips, and resources to assist with tobacco cessation goals. View the CDC's tobacco cessation resources.