Tobacco Free Emory Policy

To support a culture of health and well-being, Emory has adopted a tobacco free environment policy, prohibiting the use or sale of tobacco products on all of Emory's campuses.

Policy Details

Emory’s tobacco free environment policy applies to all Emory University and Emory Healthcare properties. The use and the sale of tobacco are also prohibited at any Emory-sponsored event and in personal vehicles while on Emory property.

The policy includes all forms of tobacco, as well as vaping, pipes, chewing tobacco, hookahs and e-cigarettes.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare do not currently prohibit smokers from applying/being hired for jobs or attending the university as a student. However, all prospective employees and students should be aware of the policy and must abide by it while on campus.

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Since adopting the tobacco free environment policy, smoking on Emory's campus has been significantly reduced. However, like most college campuses implementing similar policies, Emory does not yet have 100% compliance.

What you can do

Be supportive of the policy and show your respect for our community by not smoking or using tobacco on or close to campus. Smoking on sidewalks or across the street is not in the spirit of the policy.

If you notice someone smoking or using tobacco on campus, kindly tell them that our campus is tobacco free. Be sure to treat people with respect and professionalism as visitors may not be aware of the policy. In most cases, if someone smoking or using tobacco is asked to stop, they will. If someone becomes hostile or angry upon being approached, do not escalate the situation, just walk away.