Hardship Fund

The Emory University Hardship Fund was created to assist university staff and faculty members who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship.

Tier Levels

The Hardship Fund has two tier levels:

  1. Tier 1 - provides financial support to staff and faculty members who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a catastrophic event. View Tier 1 Guidelines.
  2. Tier 2 - provides financial support to staff and faculty members who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a temporary emergency or who do not meet all criteria to receive funding from Tier 1. View Tier 2 Guidelines.


In order to apply, you must:

  • Be a regular faculty or staff member of Emory University working at least 20 hours per week
  • Have a minimum of one year of service
  • Not have any active disciplinary actions against you that resulted from violating Emory's Standards of Conduct Policy within the past twelve months

How to Apply

Complete the Emory University Hardship Fund Application Form and submit it to HR, along with ALL supporting documentation.

You can submit your application by mail, email, fax or deliver it in person to:

Human Resources
1599 Clifton Rd., 1st Floor
Atlanta, GA  30322
Email: hardship.fund@emory.edu
Fax: 404‐712‐1470

  • If delivering in person, be sure to put your application in a sealed envelope.
  • In order to preserve your anonymity, any identifying information on your application will be omitted prior to review by the Fund Review Committee.
  • If your application is incomplete or needs additional information, you will be contacted by HR.
  • If you would like a hard copy of the application form, please contact your department's HR representative.
  • If an employee is unable to apply, an immediate family member of the employee may apply on their behalf.

To learn more, review our FAQs

About the Fund

The Hardship Fund is funded entirely by voluntary donations from Emory University's faculty and staff as well as any other entity wanting to assist Emory community members facing unexpected financial challenges. The program does not receive annual funding from the University.

View our list of donors

If you wish to give, you can:

  • Give online. Gifts can be made online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).
  • Give through payroll deduction. To set up a payroll deduction, log on to Self-Service and click the Employee Giving tile. From there, complete the online form and click Save.

Financial Summary

As of June, 2019:

  • Total donations received since program inception: $354,983.00
  • Total awards given since program inception: $255,971.03
  • Fiscal Year account balance as of June 6, 2019: $99,820.89


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