Kaiser Prescription Drugs

Kaiser Permanente’s pharmacy system is the very heart of its “under one roof” care experience. In most of the 26 medical offices, you can conveniently pick up your prescription or consult a Kaiser Permanente pharmacist on your way out the door. No more traffic. No more stops.

Transitioning your prescriptions

Kaiser Permanente will help you transition your prescriptions from your current provider to a Kaiser Permanente provider. Call 404-365-0966 or 1-800-611-1811 (TTY 711) or visit my.kp.org/emoryuniversity for help to:

  • Schedule a pharmacy telephone consult to review your medications. To help with the transition, you can usually get a temporary supply, if needed.
  • Schedule your first office visit to get your prescription written by your new provider. Just call Kaiser Permanente before you need a refill, as it can take a few business days to transition your prescriptions.
  • To view the Kaiser Permanente formulary visit kp.org/formulary and choose “2021 Five Tier plan formulary.”

Picking up your medication

Once you’ve transitioned your prescriptions:

  • Get them filled at any one of the pharmacies at a Kaiser Permanente medical facility. When you get your prescription during your doctor visit, you can usually just pick up your medication on the way out the door!
  • Visit kp.org/pharmacy or use the Kaiser Permanente app to get most new or refill prescriptions* mailed to you. There’s no charge for shipping and you can save money by ordering a 90-day supply. Just make sure you’ve registered on kp.org first.
Prescriptions filled at Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy
Tier30-Day Supply31-60-Day Supply61-90-Day SupplyCommunity Pharmacy* (First Fill Only)
1 - Preventative Generic$0$0$0$0
2 - Preferred Generic$10$20$30$10
3 - Preferred Brand$30$60$90$30
4 - Non-Preferred$60$120$180$60
5 -Specialty$90$180$270N/A
* Community pharmacy partners are Walgreens and RiteAid.
Mail Order Prescriptions
Tier30-Day Supply31-60-Day Supply
1 - Preventative Generic$0$0
2 - Preferred Generic$10$25
3 - Preferred Brand$30$75
4 - Non-Preferred$60$150