Before you Arrive

Prior to starting your first day, there are several required tasks you will need to complete.

Required Tasks

After you accept your position, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to our New Hire Onboarding Portal to complete your required onboarding tasks. While each employee’s task list will differ, some standard tasks include:

  • Completing Form I-9 Section 1
  • Setting up your direct deposit
  • Filling out your tax forms (W4 and G4)
  • Acknowledging several Emory policies and procedures
  • Setting up your Emory network ID and password
  • Enrolling in Duo Two Factor Authentication (for security purposes)
  • Reviewing information about transportation and parking
  • Uploading a photo for your EmoryCard
  • Registering for the New Employee Welcome Session

Suggested Tasks

Attend New Employee Welcome Session

You are strongly encouraged to attend New Employee Welcome Session which will give you a better understanding of Emory's mission and culture, as well as the benefits, programs and resources that are available to you. You will be given the opportunity to register as part of your onboarding tasks.

Learn more about New Employee Welcome Session

Review your Benefits Options

Emory offers a wealth of benefits for eligible employees — standard employer benefits such as health plans, retirement savings, and life insurance, but also a large network of offerings in the areas of wellness, work-life and other perks.

Once your new hire paperwork is completed and your information has been entered into the PeopleSoft system, you will be able to enroll in your benefits. You have 31 days from your date of hire to sign up for your benefits. If you do not enroll in this 31-day window, you will have to wait until the annual enrollment period (held in the fall) to enroll.

If you attend the New Employee Welcome Session, you will hear directly from the Benefits and Work Life Department staff about the many benefits programs that are available to you. You do not need to attend this session prior to enrolling in your benefits.

View Benefits Programs