ETS Temp Resources

If you're already working as an ETS temp, these resources will help you with everyday things you need to know such as tracking your time, viewing your paycheck and more.

New ETS Employees

After you accept your temporary position, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to our New Hire Onboarding Portal to complete your required onboarding tasks. While each employee’s task list will differ, some standard tasks include:

  • Completing Form I-9 Section 1
  • Setting up your direct deposit
  • Filling out your tax forms (W4 and G4)
  • Acknowledging several Emory policies and procedures
  • Setting up your Emory network ID and password
  • Enrolling in Duo Two Factor Authentication (for security purposes)
  • Reviewing information about transportation and parking
  • Uploading a photo for your EmoryCard

Payroll and Timekeeping

Getting Paid

ETS Temps are paid on a biweekly basis (in a non-exempt status).

You can view your paycheck in Self-Service:

  1. Log in to Self-Service using your Emory NetID and password
  2. Select the Payroll tile
  3. Click on the paycheck you wish to view

Clocking In and Out

ETS Temps are required to use the telephone to clock in and out for each day worked:

  1. Call 2-6666 from an Emory phone
  2. Be consistent in your clock in/out location
  3. Call 404-712-9350 for offsite clock in access (if authorized)

More information and instructions can be found on the Payroll Department's website.

Timecard Adjustments

Timecard adjustments are done using our electronic systems:

Current Pay Period Adjustments

You can make timecard adjustments during the current pay period using the Emory Timecard Adjustment System (ETAS). This is for adjustments only. Remember, phone clocking is your primary means of recording your time worked. Log in to ETAS.

Past Pay Period Entries

Past pay period timecard entry is only permitted for submitting hours worked during a pay period that has already closed. View past pay period entries.

Failure to comply with this procedure may result in delayed compensation.

Viewing your Timecard

You can also use the ETAS system to view the hours you have clocked.


For all timekeeping questions

Altavese Dilworth

HR Analyst

Transportation and Parking

Parking requirements vary depending on the job location. Check with your supervisor about parking requirements.

Hang tags are required at:

  • Emory University/Locations on Main Campus
  • Emory University Hospital Midtown
  • Clairmont Campus

Hang tags are not required at:

  • Emory John’s Creek Hospital
  • Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital


The length of times varies. Once your information is processed, an email will be sent to your Emory email address with your employee ID number and timekeeping instructions.

For employee ID number questions, send an email to

No. You cannot use your cell phone to record your time. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate termination.

Contact Emory Payroll at 404-727-6100.

You should email your ETS Recruiter and copy to update your availability when you have been notified that your assignment is changing or ending.

Contact your assignment supervisor and your ETS Recruiter.

No. ETS temps are not eligible for benefits such as vacation, sick and holiday pay.