Managing Leaves of Absence

Emory University is committed to supporting our employees' personal and professional lives. Sometimes, an employee may need to take a leave of absence, either for health challenges or for other personal reasons.  Employee Relations can help departments and managers prepare for the challenges that occur when managing a leave of absence.

Reviewing and Approving Leave

Medical Leave and FMLA

Managers and department HR Reps review and approve employee requests for FMLA or Medical Leave, including Paid Parental Leave online. When an employee submits a request, the manager and HR Rep will immediately receive an email.

Once the leave request has been approved by the department and Human Resources, the employee will then receive an email.

For more information about FMLA and this process, refer to the FMLA webpage.

Other Leaves of Absence

Employees requesting other types of leave such as personal, educational or military leave should use the Non Medical Leave Request Form.

Managing Payroll in HR Web

Before entering leave information, verify if the employee should be placed on paid or unpaid leave.

Paid Leave: The employee has unused, accrued time applicable to the type of leave. You need to verify the date at which the applicable accrued time will be exhausted and the employee leave time must be changed to unpaid leave.

Unpaid Leave: The employee has exhausted all accrued time applicable to the type of leave. These employees also do not accrue time while they are on unpaid leave. If eligible, they may be paid through Emory's Long Term Disability Insurance (60% pay). While on unpaid leave, they also are responsible for and billed for the employee contribution to the benefits deductions.