Employee Relations

Emory University's Employee Relations Department promotes a positive and collaborative work environment by providing leadership and support to employees, supervisors and leaders to adhere to the university’s policies and procedures. In doing so, the department remains dedicated to promoting a cohesive, effective and high performing work environment.

Please note: This Employee Relations Department is for Emory University, not Emory Healthcare. If you are an employee of Emory Healthcare, please contact the Employee Resource Center at 404-686-6044. For Emory Healthcare Employee Relations concerns, please contact Alex Almanza at alex.almanza@emoryhealthcare.org.

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Employee Relations seeks to address and resolve workplace issues through productive dialogue, characterized by openness, trust and collaboration.

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The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that provides you with unpaid, job-protected time off for a wide range of reasons, including medical issues.

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Managing Leaves of Absence

Employee Relations can help departments and managers prepare for the challenges that occur when managing a leave of absence.

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Progressive Discipline

Members of the Employee Relations staff are available to advise and counsel supervisors and employees at any point during the progressive discipline process.

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Reduction in Force

Employee Relations can help guide your department in conducting an analysis and developing a reorganization and/or reduction in force plan.

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Emory recognizes two types of terminations: voluntary and involuntary. While both mean that an employee is leaving the university, the circumstances for which the employee departs are different.

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