Recruiting Staff

Emory University's staff positions are filled through Open Recruitment, a process where departments competitively evaluate and interview a pool of qualified candidates which are referred from HR's Recruiting Department.

The Recruitment Process

All staff vacancies are managed through Central HR Open Recruitment. Positions are required to be posted to ensure a diverse candidate pool and selection process is adhered to. Under rare and defined circumstances, staff may be hired through the administrative decision policy which forgoes the posting and search process (see Administrative Decision below).

To begin the Staff Recruitment process, create an online employment requisition using our applicant tracking system, iCIMS. View instructions for creating a requisition.

Once the requisition is created and approved, your recruiter will schedule an intake call with you to confirm the minimum qualifications, your additional preferred skills and discuss the next steps of the process.

Once posted, your job will automatically aggregate out to the main job boards, search engines, diversity sites and others to attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool.


Applicant Tracking System (iCIMS) Training Guides

Administrative Decision

The use of Administrative Decision for staff is warranted only under these circumstances:

  • A time sensitive situation that requires a specialized skill, training or education.
  • A temporary to regular employment status change when a full search was done at the time that the temp was first hired.

The Administrative Decision process cannot be used when there are multiple qualified employees for the vacancy.  Minimally, the position should be posted internally at Emory through Open Recruitment for 5 business days.

The non-faculty Administrative Decision process is initiated by the hiring manager/HR Rep and completed using our applicant tracking system, iCIMS. All administrative decisions must be approved by the Recruiting Department before moving forward.

Once approved, the candidate must still apply for the job they will be hired into. This ensures all EEO and other required hiring questions are answered.

The Recruiting Department will then work directly with the hiring manager/HR Rep and candidate to complete the process.  Please contact your recruiter or the Director of Recruiting with any questions.

For the purposes of this process, post-doctoral fellows and residents are considered faculty and should be processed with a Faculty Search Waiver through the Office of Equity and Inclusion.