Technology Tools and Resources

Whether you participate in a flexible work arrangement or not, you should have access to, and know how to use, the latest technology available at Emory so that you can be most productive with your time.


Below is a checklist of some items that you may need to telework successfully:


  • Do you have an Emory issued laptop or personal computer in which you can continue to work? While there are some limitations working on a personal device, you will still be able to work and connect to the Emory Network.
  • School/Unit approval is needed should anyone wish to take home Emory owned equipment such as monitors, keyboards, docking stations, etc. ALL equipment taken home from Emory offices is required to be tracked by the School/Unit.

Internet Connection and Speed

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • Have you set up and tested personal access with Emory’s VPN to enable you to connect to the Emory Network and access your files? If you have not done so, contact OIT to make this request. Be sure to test our VPN access prior to telecommuting to confirm that you are able to successfully log in and access the network.
  • Some faculty and staff may utilize Microsoft One Drive or SharePoint, and, in these cases, VPN connection may not be necessary. If you are uncertain about this, please contact OIT for clarification.


Phone technology continues to evolve and you need to make sure you are using the most efficient tools in order to communicate effectively and provide a seamless customer service experience.

Update your voicemail greetings often to reflect your work situation. Include when you are monitoring your voicemails and the expected timeframe to expect a return call.

If you are planning to continue to work remotely on a regular basis, be sure to forward your office phone when you are working off campus. The ability to reach you during the workday should be no different whether you are on campus or off. Phone forwarding options may differ depending on division policies, phone set up and job requirements.

Phone services are available via the OIT Shopping Cart.* Due to the current high demand for phone functions, request fulfillment will be prioritized by your school or unit leadership. Not all telephone services are compatible with all extensions.

  • To have office calls ring simultaneously on your desk and smart phone via a downloaded smartphone application request “Avaya Workplace” from the OIT Shopping Cart.*
    • This application also provides the ability to originate calls as if you were at your desk. It does not use Cellular/Mobile minutes when in a WiFi service area and people you call will see your desk/office telephone number.
  • To have your office phone ring simultaneously at any mobile phone number request “EC500” from the OIT Shopping Cart.*
    • This feature uses Cellular/Mobile minutes and people you call will typically see your mobile telephone number.

* Note: You must be logged into the Emory network or using VPN to access the shopping cart.

Collaboration and Video Conferencing

  • Zoom, Emory’s recommended platform for collaboration and videoconferencing, uses Cloud computing software for videoconferencing, online meetings, chat function and mobile collaboration.
  • Microsoft Teams, a software platform included in Office 365 combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and file collaboration, and applications integration.
  • Training Resources are available for these technologies.
  • Preventing Zoombombing: Some Emory community members have reported incidents of “Zoombombing” where uninvited guests crash their Zoom meetings, classrooms and webinars, and sometimes share upsetting or offensive content using the screen share option. OIT has tips and advice to avoid Zoombombing. The Emory Police Department also has some helpful tips.


  • Microsoft One Drive, a cloud-hosted management platform that allows secure file-sharing between and among users wherever they may be. It is a part of Microsoft Office 365 - Teams. Permissions can be given to enable specific teams or individual access.
  • Training is available for these technologies.

Training Resources

No matter what your role at Emory is, training is available to help you with flexible work and technology.

Go to Training Resources

If You Need Help

If you need assistance, contact your local IT Resource or the OIT Helpdesk for support.

Please follow your local department's standard practice for reporting IT issues. The most effective way to report an issue with a service provided by OIT is to enter a help ticket at Emory's help desk or by phone at 404-727-7777.

Emory’s IT Service Catalog provides a list of all technology offerings supported by Emory and how to access them.