Your First 30 Days

Your first 30 days at Emory are likely to fly by as you adjust to your new role. Below is a list of suggested tasks to help you take care of key items during this busy time.

Task List

Enroll in your Benefits

Within the first 31 days of your start date, enroll yourself and your eligible dependents in the benefits programs that are right for you and your family. You do not need to attend New Employee Welcome Session prior to enrolling in your benefits. To learn more about the benefits available to you, visit the Benefits webpage.

Start your Retirement Savings

Start planning for your future now by enrolling in Emory's Retirement Savings Plan. Learn more about which plans you are eligible for on the Benefits webpage.

Sign up for Healthy Emory Connect

Join Healthy Emory Connect, Emory's personalized web platform and mobile app, so you can start tracking your healthy activities and earn incentives to save money on your medical expenses.

Get Required Training

All faculty and staff are required to complete Title IX training which provides training on reporting sexual misconduct. As a new hire, you will receive an email with instructions on how to take the course.

If you are hired into a leadership role, you will be required to attend New Leader Orientation at Emory. If you are eligible to take this course, you will receive an email invitation.

Other required training may also be needed, depending on your individual role. Ask your manager what specific training you should receive.

Performance Management (staff only)

Familiarize yourself with Emory's Performance Management process which is designed to facilitate communication between you and your manager about your job performance. Talk to your manager about the performance review and goal-setting process in your department.

Take the Campus Walking Tour

All new employees are invited to take a walking tour of campus. Walking tours are led by a member of Emory's Health and Wellness team. Bring walking shoes. Separate pre-registration is required for the walking tour and employees can sign up for any tour at any time. More details.

Learn all that you can about Emory!

Have lunch with your co-workers, seek out professional groups on campus, and learn all that you can about your new community. Here are a few resources to get you started: