Nutrition Challenge

Good nutrition habits lead to happier and healthier individuals. Focus on getting proper nutrition, improve your health, and earn extra points on Healthy Emory Connect.

About the Challenge

image of Super Dietitian, Operation Eat Right
Emory’s 2019 summer nutrition challenge, Operation: Eat Right encourages employees to eat better.

Like the Move More Challenge, participation is through Healthy Emory Connect, Emory's health and wellness platform and mobile app. Throughout the challenge period, you can earn extra points on the platform by completing three nutrition missions:

  • Mission 1 (June 3-16, 2019): Eight Glasses Challenge
  • Mission 2 (June 17-30, 2019): Produce Punch Challenge
  • Mission 3 (July 1-14, 2019): Fiber Flex Challenge

Why should you participate?

  • To improve your nutrition habits which will lead to happier, healthier you!
  • To earn points on Healthy Emory Connect which help you earn medical plan incentives.
  • To have a chance to win prizes.

How to participate

The challenge is open to benefits-eligible employees of Emory University and Emory Healthcare. To participate:

  1. Join Healthy Emory Connect.
  2. Register for the nutrition mission(s) on Healthy Emory Connect (registration for Mission 1 opens May 31).
  3. Track your activities daily throughout the mission period to earn points and be eligible for prizes.

Points and Prizes

Register for a mission = 200 points

Register for all 3 missions = 500 points

Complete a mission with 10 out of 14 days tracked “yes” = 1,000 points

Complete all 3 missions with 10 out of 14 days tracked “yes” = 5,000 points

Successfully complete 2 or 3 missions = Entry for gift card raffles

Share Your Photos

Share with us how you and your co-workers are practicing good nutrition by sending us your photos throughout the challenge. See what photos have been shared so far on our Facebook page!

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Watch our Videos

Meet Emory's Super Dietitian, your nutrition sidekick! Watch her short, two-minute videos throughout the challenge to learn healthy tips and tricks.


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