Operation: Eat Right

Good nutrition habits lead to happier and healthier individuals. Focus on getting proper nutrition, improve your health, and earn extra points on Healthy Emory Connect.

image of Super Dietitian, Operation Eat Right

About the Challenge

When is it?

June 7 – July 18, 2021

How can you participate?

Emory’s summer nutrition challenge, Operation: Eat Right is back!

Join Healthy Emory Connect and participate in ALL of the activities!

Operation: Eat Right Activities

Sign up for and complete Healthy Habit Challenges.
  • Map It Out (Practice meal planning)
  • Sit & Eat (Prevent distracted eating)
Connect your MyFitnessPal account and track as many days of food/beverage intake as you can!
View Emory Healthy Kitchen videos on nutrition topics.

Attend Emory Healthy Kitchen cooking demos.

Why should you participate?

Many employees have been struggling with maintaining healthy eating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic and are ready to focus on their personal health. Operation: Eat Right gives employees the opportunity to improve their nutrition, earn points towards medical incentives and win prizes!

Earn Points on Healthy Emory Connect

ActivityPoint Allowance
Every Emory Healthy Kitchen video viewed100 points
Track a day with MyFitnessPal200 points
Attend an Emory Healthy Kitchen cooking demo250 points
All first time MyFitnessPal tracker connections to Healthy Emory Connect2,000 points
Logging 10 out of 14 days in a Healthy Habit Challenge800 BONUS points
Tracking at least 10 days during OER using MyFitnessPal1,000 BONUS points
Tracking at least 20 days during OER using MyFitnessPal2,000 BONUS points
  • All BONUS points will be added to HEC accounts after July 19

Raffle Entries

All who successfully complete ONE Healthy Habit ChallengeEntry for $25 gift card
All who successfully complete BOTH Healthy Habit Challenges AND track at least 10 days on MyFitnessPalEntry for $50 gift card

Need Help with MyFitnessPal?

Watch this short video to learn how to create, connect and use your MyFitnessPal account.


Contact us at healthyemory@emory.edu.