Kaiser Permanente Plan

The Kaiser Permanente plan is an inclusive network that makes health care simple with everything you need, including primary care providers, specialty care providers, and lab and pharmacy, all conveniently located at Kaiser Permanente’s 26 state-of-the-art medical facilities in the Atlanta metro area.

About the Kaiser Permanente Plan

Kaiser Permanente was founded over 70 years ago with a mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of the communities they serve. Kaiser Permanente providers work together within the Kaiser Permanente health plan, making it easy for you to get quality, coordinated care.

With Kaiser, you have to use Kaiser Permanente providers – there are no out-of-network benefits and you cannot use Emory providers. But, they make it easy for you! All 600+ providers are connected through instant access to your electronic health record so you can get safe, personalized care. You won’t have to coordinate with providers, specialists, pharmacies, hospitals, or other caregivers because it’s all connected. You can see most specialists without a referral, and you won’t have to file a claim for any Kaiser Permanente provider. To find a doctor visit kp.org/doctorsandlocations.

Instead of meeting a deductible or paying co-insurance when you visit your provider in person, on the Kaiser Permanente plan you’re only responsible for a co-pay.

With same-day phone or video appointments, you can get care without making a trip to the doctor’s office. Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth options, including video visits and phone, email or online consultations, are available to you with no co-pay required.

Kaiser Plan Care Options

In person
(co-pays apply)

Visit your doctor for routine care, preventive services, care when you’re not feeling well, and more. You may also be able to schedule same-day appointments. You can see Kaiser Permanente experts in more than 40 specialties — most without a referral.

(no co-pay)

Many Kaiser Permanente providers are available to meet face-to-face online for a convenient, secure way to get care wherever you are. Ask your provider if video visits are available to you.

(no co-pay)

Save yourself a trip to the office by scheduling a call with a Kaiser Permanente clinician for conditions that don’t require an in-person exam.

(no co-pay)

Fill out a short questionnaire about your symptoms online and get personalized selfcare advice from a Kaiser Permanente provider.

(no co-pay)

Chat live online with a Kaiser Permanente doctor to get advice, referrals, prescriptions and more.

24/7 care and advice by phone
(no co-pay)

 Call Kaiser Permanente for advice when you need it most and for help finding out what care is right for you. You can also schedule appointments and more.

(no co-pay)

 Message your provider’s office anytime with non-urgent health questions. You’ll get a response usually within two business days, if not sooner.

Express, Urgent, Emergency, and Inpatient Hospital Care

Same-day Express Care

At select offices, you can quickly be seen by a certified nurse practitioner for issues like pains and sprains, coughs, colds and allergies, headaches, fever, and more. Walk in or make an appointment online or by phone.

24/7 Urgent Care*

At the three Kaiser Permanente Advanced Care Centers, you can get urgent care 24 hours a day, even for more serious (but not life-threatening) issues like deeper cuts, broken bones, stomach pain, or dehydration.

Walk-in Urgent Care*

In addition to 24/7 urgent care at Kaiser Permanente’s three Advanced Care Centers, you have access to over 60 affiliated urgent care locations. At these locations, you can walk in to get care for minor issues like fever, severe sore throat, sprains, cuts, and earaches. For locations, visit kp.org/facilities and search keyword “urgent care.”

Emergency Care*

For medical emergencies, you have access to any hospital emergency room, including Emory Healthcare hospitals, even if the facility is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

Inpatient Hospitals

For scheduled hospital stays, you’ll likely get your care at Emory University Hospital Midtown or Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital. There, Kaiser Permanente providers with access to your electronic medical record will be on site to provide coordinated care.

*Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for life-threatening emergency conditions that require immediate medical attention to prevent serious jeopardy to your health.

Kaiser Permanente Plan Prescription Drugs

Kaiser Permanente’s pharmacy system is the very heart of its “under one roof” care experience. In most of the 26 medical offices, you can conveniently pick up your prescription or consult a Kaiser Permanente pharmacist on your way out the door. No more traffic. No more stops.

Get Prescription Drug Information

kp.org and the KP mobile app

Visit kp.org/signup to create your profile using your assigned medical record number and find providers and locations near you. Kaiser Permanente’s easy-to-navigate portal connects you to all of your Kaiser Permanente doctors, care providers and medical information.

Kaiser Permanente’s easy-to-navigate portal connects you to all of your Kaiser Permanente doctors, care providers and medical information. When you visit kp.org, you can:

  • Schedule and change routine appointments
  • Check most lab results
  • Refill most prescriptions
  • Make personal action plans for ongoing care
  • Manage a family member’s care
  • Get timely reminders for screenings and more
  • Find Kaiser Permanent providers and services located at one of Kaiser Permanente’s 26 medical facilities in the Atlanta metro area.

You can also use the Kaiser Permanente mobile app to manage routine appointments, refill most prescriptions for mail-order delivery, see most test results, and more. Visit the app store on your smart phone and search for “Kaiser Permanente” to find and download the app.