Celebrating Milestones

Emory University celebrates more than 200 staff members for achieving service award milestones in 2021 -- those reaching 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service.

Upon reaching their milestones, some of this year's honorees reflect on their own unique journeys.

Celebrating 40 Years

Lynne Morelock-Roy, Division Administrator, Division of Animal Resources, School of Medicine

“I've worked with the Division of Animal Resources (previously the Office of the University Veterinarian) from the time I was an Emory College student, starting in 1977….The years have provided me time to view and participate in the growth of Emory’s biomedical research, participate in activities across the University in many roles: as student, student leader, alumna, staff member and new manager/leader, parent, employee representative, and even mom to an Emory alumna.”

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Lynne Morelock-Roy

Celebrating 35 Years

Laura Fox-Goharioon, Interim Technical Director, Core Facilities-ICI Imaging Core, School of Medicine

"I have seen so many changes over the last three and a half decades at Emory. The growth of the campus is amazing. It looks very different from 1985. My old building before we moved into the Whitehead building is now the SOM building (used to be the Anatomy and Physiology Building), housing the Medical School. The existing Anatomy and Physiology buildings being incorporated into the new building was really nice to see. Lots of great memories in that building."

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Laura Fox-Goharioon

Glenn Kulasiewicz, Program Manager, Planning, Design & Construction, Campus Services

“Back in 1986 as a "young professional" in the Athletics & Recreation department of Campus Life, many of my colleagues were at the same stages of their careers and family life so we were all growing up and starting families at the same time. Work was also a built-in social network for this group of people.”

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Glenn Kulasiewicz

Gary Teal, Vice President, Woodruff Health Sciences, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

“I have loved working with so many great people all across Emory. I have taken great pride in watching Emory grow into the internationally recognized leader it is today in education, research, and clinical care. There are many very fond memories, from the old Lullwater Days when we had a hot-air balloon on-site to the Staff Days where the Quad was filled with so much energy.”

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Gary Teal

Elizabeth ‘Janey’ Wilcox, Administrative Assistant, Veterinary Medicine & Colony Management, Yerkes Field Station

“I worked at Yerkes Main Center from 1986 to 1995 (Director's Office, Vet Department, Reproductive Biology Department, IACUC Primate Subcommittee). From 1995 to 2011 I worked in the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee office. Since 2011, I have worked at Yerkes Field Station in Lawrenceville.”

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Elizabeth ‘Janey’ Wilcox

Celebrating 30 Years

Tammy Morton Camfield, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement, Advancement and Alumni Engagement

"I have loved seeing the Oxford campus change, grow and develop with the help of Emory University’s support. The facilities are amazing with all the many new and renovated buildings. The diversity of the student population, faculty and staff has also grown both at Oxford and the University which only enhances everyone’s experience. It is what makes Emory so great. I also say that Oxford is a “mecca” where good people are drawn to and they leave here to make the world a better place."

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Tammy Camfield

Dawn Francis-Chewning, Education Analyst III (Outreach Coordinator), Student Digital Life, Emory University Libraries

"I enjoy so much of what Emory has to offer, in the past as well as now! The Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols then and now resounds as an Emory tradition. I am grateful for my professors ‘back in the day,’ including the two I never had classes with but met in the basement of what was then the Sociology building where the 'museum' at the time was housed. They were so delighted to have a young student wander in, and I was so taken by their passion; something I too had with History!"

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Dawn Francis-Chewning

Renee Wilder, Immunizations Compliance Coordinator, Student Health Services, Campus Life

"I started as a temp secretary at the Emory Clinic in 1985 and moved to a full-time position at Emory University Hospital in 1990 to work in the Histocompatibility lab and then went to Yerkes in the Environmental Health & Safety Office. I now work in Student Health Services as an Immunization Compliance Coordinator."

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Renee Wilder

Celebrating 25 Years

Yasmin Ali, Pre-Award Manager, ABOSS RAS, School of Medicine

“I started in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology as a work study student and took my first position there as a secretary. I then worked in the School of Nursing for many years, and have been back in the School of Medicine since 2010.”

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Yasmin Ali

Luke Anderson, Department Administrator, Family & Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine

"Some of my fondest memories involved working with patients and my first job at Emory as a front desk staff member. I enjoyed meeting new patients and trying to make their patient experience in our clinic pleasant and professional."

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Luke Anderson

Lynell Cadray, University Ombudsperson and Sr. Advisor to the President, Office of the University Ombuds

"My favorite memories of Emory will always be the people I have worked with and the communities I have served. I have met people from all over the world and I have experienced so many relationships with people who cared about my work, with mentors who wisely advised me and sponsors who elevated my career. The relationships are so valuable to me and I have made some lifelong friends along the way."

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Lynell Cadray

Anne Davis, Senior Associate Director, Advancement & Alumni Engagement

“I began in Corporate Relations at Emory in 1996, though at the time Advancement & Alumni Engagement was called Institutional Advancement. We've had a few iterations of the name in between. I worked for a brief time as office manager for the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, but the rest of my time has been in fundraising.”

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Anne Davis

Maria Flowers, Resources Management Specialist, Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University Libraries

"I have fond memories of being surrounded by boxes full of books and the library’s mailbox being full of current periodicals. One of the main reasons I work in a library is my love of books. We still have books but not like we used to. They are all electronic now. I miss seeing boxes of books."

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Maria Flowers

2021 Service Award Honorees

The 2021 Service Awards Program highlights all of our 2021 honorees and provides a snapshot of events that occurred during our honorees’ time at Emory.

You can also download an Excel file of the complete honoree list. Use this sortable list to create your own materials to recognize honorees from your school/division.

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